Buying a home is a BIG decision and I would love to help!

Buying a home is the single largest financial decision most Canadians make .. it is a really big deal! I have been working to help buyers clarify and execute their purchasing plans for nearly 15 years and would love to assist you. The first step to to meet (over the phone or in person) so we can discuss your unique real estate needs, and then work together to find the right home and the perfect neighbourhood. Timing is everything in real estate and so feel free to reach out to start the process even if you are months or years away from making a move. In my experience the more information the better when trying to make such an important decision. I promise to work as your trusted advisor and patiently walk through the buying process with you - step by step, arming you with as much information as possible. 

By hiring an exclusive buyer’s agent your interests will be protected and the process will become less stressful and more enjoyable. I can access market information unavailable to the public, such as current selling prices of compatible homes and properties just hitting MLS, and best of all there is no cost for buyers to hire an agent. I would be honored to act as a consultant, negotiator and to oversee the transactional details of your purchase. Call direct to interview me today!


Start with the end in mind” ----> That’s my best advice for anyone looking to move-up in the real estate market. 

It can feel totally overwhelming. That moment you look around your home and it dawns on you that it’s too small. Or it’s now in the ‘wrong’ location. 

There are a million reasons a family home can stop feeling right. Sometimes it sneaks up on us, and other times it hits us in the face ... like those mornings where everyone is fighting over the one bathroom. 

My advice ... make a plan of what you need and then bring in an expert! Having a clear vision as a family is key to making the move happen. 

It may seem overwhelming but I help families buy and sell homes every day! There’s a system I use called the ‘Scale-Up Strategy’ that was designed for Canmore families specifically. 

Yes, there are a lot of moving parts to selling your home and buying a new one. But once we break it down it’s not complicated and very achievable ?.

If you want a second bathroom, I promise I can help make that happen for you :) 


I would love to walk you through the different options available in Canmore. From condos and townhouses, to detached homes, to hotel condo properties - there are many options to choose from. I would love to review all aspects of investment in Canmore. As an Airbnb owner and operator I am happy to walk you through the steps required to get your investment property up and running! Get in touch if you would like an idea of revenue expectations in the Bow Valley.


 The details involved in relocating to a new city can be overwhelming. Having grown up in Canmore, I can explain the benefits of each neighbourhood and arrange for a tour of the town. With extensive contacts in the hospitality industry, I can help arrange hotel and transportation as well, making your visit to the mountains as stress free as possible. Call or email your wish-list to start the process and we can get you signed up for automatic listing updates to start to familiarize yourself with the Canmore market. 


 I specializes in helping first time buyers navigate the intense world of house hunting. I am dedicated to walking first time buyers through all the steps of buying a home. From shopping for a mortgage to deciding on the perfect neighbourhood, to negotiating the best price. I pride myself in providing unparalleled attention and dedication to all clients. 

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