You Need To Be Type-A Organized To Get Top Dollar For Your Home!

When a buyer visits a home, they want to be wowed! I always tell clients our goal is to elicit an emotional response. We want them to be blown away! The goal is to persuade the buyer to take action. 

The goal of every showing is to get you an offer! And you only get one chance to make a first impression! 

The key to selling your home quickly and for top dollar is to think ahead and be organized. 

Here are 5 top items to get organized:

  1. Hire a handyman - Hire someone to change lightbulbs, replace missing or cracked cover plates, and do some touch-up painting. We want your house looking its best. Buyers often make assumptions based upon small deferred projects. Tackling the little things will give buyers confidence in your property. 
  2. Have a pre-listing inspection - In my experience this is one of the best ways to ensure any conditional offer goes unconditional … especially if you own an older home. It’s like cheating on an exam! Why not get the answers before the buyer has a chance to surprise you with any items of concern. Paying for a pre-listing inspection allows you to work on the items of concern and avoid being caught off-guard. Information is power in real estate!  
  3. Get your documents organized - My philosophy is to think ahead and trouble-shoot before running into any objections from buyers. I always ask my clients to collect receipts for major expenses. We also check warranty information on renovated items like new roofs, decks etc. We always order your condo documents ahead of time and look through them to make sure there aren’t any items that require further investigation or explanation. Thinking ahead can save you time and money!
  4. Get your house professionally cleaned (I will pay!). This is an easy one!
  5. Rent a storage locker to help you declutter - We want your closets and garage to look like you have tons of room to spare. 

Potential buyers are looking for anything they can use to negotiate down your price. Buyer and Sellers have competing interests! You want to sell for the most money possible, and they want to get your house for the cheapest possible price. 

Being organized helps get us ahead of any potential objections. If you are moving because storage is tight, then showcase your storage systems. Rent a storage locker and tuck items away you aren’t currently using. 

If you are moving because you want a yard, make sure you maximize your current outdoor space. Show buyers how they could live in your home and still enjoy some serene outdoor space. 

Getting organized and strategic will maximize your selling price and allow you to sell in less time.

If you are thinking about selling I’d be happy to schedule a strategy meeting. No pressure and lots of information .., that’s my style. Reach out if you’d like to chat!  

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